What other Say

Mr. Dev Neupane is a very talented upcoming theatre actor, director, and radio producer. He is executive director in Actors’ Studio. I know him before he joined actors studio in 2007. Actually I know him  before as a Radio program  producer, Radio jockey, good story teller and the person who has tremendous hunger  towards art  and culture. After getting diploma in acting from our institute he done more then a dozen full length plays and street plays as an actor, stage manager and sound designer. He has done not only stage plays but produced, writes and directed many Radio plays in his credit. Most of his works are directly associated with innovative idea and socially relevant things. He is also one of the faculty member of Actors Studio and do teach voice speech and Audiography.

Anup Baral – Artistic Director
Actor’s Studio

It has been about 9 years since I met him for the first time in a classroom where I was invited as a guest lecturer of Radio Professional Training. I remember some glimpse of his personality at those moments when he was a student at that class. He is always a very good listener. After few months I was invited to visit a studio (Gagan Griha) which was run by the group of Mr. Dev and he was leading the team. Then after, I met Dev time to time whenever I went to their production house. Being a radio professional, I was always appreciating Gagan Griha for their good societal concepts & the production they did from the studio. They always worked for the quality not for the quantity.

I found Mr. Dev matured in the profession day by day whenever I met him. He was always collecting confidence, commitment and a qualitative skill. I don’t exactly remember the dates but I remember one day when Dev met me and told that he was taking a class of drama. My impression on him was doubled when I knew that he was taking the 9 months course for a project Mahabharat which was planned to be produced by Gagan Griha. After the completion of that course, Mr. Dev was so skilled that I really could start to learn many more things in our occasional meets. I like the ways he produces programs, guides others and expresses the theme in a very creative way.

I have always found Mr. Dev a true person. He is really sincere & always optimistic in his works. In my opinion his diligent & hardworking nature has uplifted him in the present position. He is the person who always like to face the challenges. Devotion towards the works is his religion. A rural born youth has struggled a lot for his radio career. He is in such a position these days that I feel proud to say – I was lucky enough to get a chance for the class with him in his beginning days of radio career.

Achyut Ghimire – Radio Journalist

I have known Mr. Dev for many years. I have known him as a friend, as an activist and as a person engaged in the media sector and drama for the social change. We have worked together a number of times including in the ‘Right to Information’ campaign. At that time he was supporting our organization to produce radio programs on the issue of Right to Information. We, together had produced radio drama, radio journal, public service announcement. Mr. Neupane is a committed person who value the quality and finishing in the product he is working on. Creative ideas and creativity are his assets.

Santosh Sigdel – Director / Lawyer
Citizens Campaign for Right to Information

As a chairperson, i must acknowledge dev for his pure inspirational soul and capable of performing multi task under every circumstance. He is very motivated person, guided with right attitude and understanding value of teamwork and organization. Passion and stability made him excellent to carry out professional and personal responsibility. For me, it is not enough to explain him with words; working with him will give more brief of his qualities and capability.

Even though we are different in body, but one in mind united since 2003 to established peace and development of our country Nepal. Sharing is caring and caring is loving. We are like a family working together for right cause for right effect in building better society, under the theme Together we can build better society.

Trust is the bond of team, which is a very important factor for the proper growth of individual and organization. This common opinion we followed for working and moving together. I believe he can be the best director for directing society moving forward in right direction.

Amir Lama – Chairman 
Aangan Foundation / Studio Mandala

I can detail few things about Dev Neupane as I have known him since 2004 and at the same time, I have had privilege to work with him for various causes and programs.

I must admit that he is a great person with good sense of humour and is very approachable and handy. One can easily go, pour heart in front of him and come back with a line of relief. This is always possible because he believes in giving and sharing knowledge and helping people who are at the most need. That is what I can do and that is what I have actually felt in all these years. Moreover, I could not stop myself saying that he is kind, considerate, down to earth and his positive attitude towards life inspires me and may be everyone around him.

For me, it is always pleasant to see him performing on the stage and also his back stage works. The way he works simply reflects the high level of professionalism and thrust for quality and accomplishment.  I always have huge appreciation for him as he is determined and passionate for his works and profession as artist, drama director, program producer and media person. And I have learned a lot from him, for that reason I am really thankful to him.

Having said that, I extend my best wishes to this man of principle and multi talents for his future endeavours. I appreciate him for being such a nice human whom I enjoy sharing my little happiness and great deal of living.

Rukamanee Maharjan – Lawyer

Dev Neupane is simple, dedicated, hardworking, laborious, creative and intellectual person. A line that best suits him is simple living high think!! In span I learned that from Dev Neupane we must give 110% out of 100% we have in our life as we don’t have second change to correct and put our heart and soul together to accomplish a goal of our life. Dev Neupane is a person that has heart to understand and brain to implement all the knowledge. Another lesson we learn with his surrounding is learn by doing and be perfect on whatever you do though it is your first time as life doesn’t provide second change!!
Kaveeta Shrestha – Secretary / Lawyer
Information First

My six years of working experience with Dev Neupane would describe him as the best co-worker I have ever met. I have learnt a lot from him about media, arts and life as well. He is a highly creative multifaceted personality. My first audio program was with him where he motivated me and helped boost up my confidence. It was mostly during the audio dramas I was mostly acquainted with him. So, I would describe him as a good director and an actor. He has a virtue of politeness and humour which is a quality to maintain the working spirit of the team. His efficiency of working under pressure makes him a role model for many newcomers in the media.
Deepa Silwal- Media Person